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Are you a rock star developer chasing a dream? A challenge solver, initiative taker and professional team player all in one? Passionate about creating best in class digital products that shape strategies, defy standards and define the future?

Hello. It is you we’re looking for.

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Core Values.

Who we are, and grow to be.

We don’t do projects, we do missions.

We strive to make captivating products that matter. To people and businesses. In the short and longest run. So we aim to work harder and do a little better every day.

We have opinions, and everyone gets a say.

We love to play with robots, but that doesn’t make us one. Our sense of ownership is not limited by job titles. We cherish the best ideas, no matter who invented them.

We are one team with the same dream.

We're proud of our superstar colleagues. We value one another, and celebrate our wins. As a self-organising company we do not have a CEO - we lead ourselves.

We do what we love. And we love what we do.

We do good work from a place of passion and purpose. This means we only say yes to challenges we believe in, and never let a great opportunity pass.

We build trust by being transparent.

We trust in honesty and harbour a culture of openness. Nothing under the radar, everything in the open. We say it like it is and let results speak for themselves.

We believe the user is always right.

We don’t just go by pretty words, we're driven by data. We design and develop for end users, and partner up with customers to make products used by millions and loved by many.
  • “At TMC, I work with people who have the best know-how in the field.”

    Ammar Ceker, UX/UI Designer
  • “There is always a new challenge that makes me want to give it my best.”

    Abdallah Barjoud, iOS Developer
  • “A team with one goal: delivering products that make life easier.”

    Anthoula Alipasali, iOS Developer
  • “You can zone out and focus completely on the code you're writing. Win-win!”

    Kaspar de Geus, Android Developer

Where the magic happens.

Do you want to work with awesome people at the heart of Amsterdam? We’ve got you covered. A lunch, drinks and snacks on the daily? Check. Want to know what else we have to offer? Keep on reading.

Growing big
Your ambition is our ambition. Make work for beautiful brands, and develop your ninja skills while you do. And courses, seminars or trainings? Anything is possible.
Bonus points
If you work hard, you deserve something nice. When we hit our annual profit targets, all of us get to share in the success.
As flexible as you
We trust our teams to get their best work done anywhere, anytime - even when getting work done from home.
Get social
Friday beers, product launches and fabulous team outings. We do it all. And the best part? We do it all together.
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