From our beautiful office in the heart of Amsterdam, we create the best mobile apps possible. We make them smart, we make them pretty, but what we value most is that those little icons on your device make day-to-day life a lot easier.

Some of us have been in the mobile business since the early nineties, when a cellphone didn’t fit in your backpocket or communicate with your watch. We since then have been part of a revolution in mobile; starting out with mobile websites, expanding into mobile apps and today improving the entire mobile market.

Holacracy & The Mobile Company

The Mobile Company works according to the Holacracy method. Holacracy is an operating system to bring structure and discipline to our organisation. This is important to us as we are a flat organisation and would like all our colleagues to take part in the successes of our company. The guidelines of Holacracy bring autonomy to our teams and allow individuals to grow. The model of the operating system helps us to grow in self-organisation.

We introduced Holacracy in 2016 as a way to empower our organisation and to give each of us a voice. The dynamic and transparent structure that Holacracy facilitates helps us to respond quickly to changes within and around the company. In Holacracy the purpose of the entire organisation and the objectives of all activities are leading. Efficient meetings and the unique decision-making process give team members plenty of room for initiative and influence. Tensions and problems are seen as something that can be solved and serve as fuel for the development of the organisation.

Information about Holacracy: